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about v fusion dance 


V Fusion Dance was founded by Veena after many years of choreographing and teaching both Indian Classical Dance classes and Street Dance Classes. She decided to experiment with her favourite dance styles and found something unique.


The aim of V Fusion Dance is to reinvent the boundaries of dance by amalgamating two or more existing dance styles together.


V Fusion Dance is unlike other dance classes as it actually teaches you the meaning behind the intricate hand gestures and bold footwork of Bhartanatyam (Indian Classical dance) but also incorporates techniques and fluency of Street Dance within the same dance routine. All routines are choreographed by Veena. 


The Indian/Street fusion style has won an award at the International Dance awards in Barcelona for its uniqueness and quirky style.


More fusion style classes are available upon request as well for workshops as Street Dance, Indian Body conditioning and Bollywood for workshops or regular classes.


about veena

Veena is a passionate dance teacher with over 18 years teaching and choreographing experience with many performance skills. She has taught both children (from 3+) including children with learning difficulties to adults of various capabilities in many different capacities such as Wedding dances, private classes and group classes. She is also part of various dance networks throughout Europe and is  a fully insured member of Foundation for Community Dance, and a current DBS.  


Veena has been training in dance, (in particular Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam - Kalakshetra Style) since the age of five but has also accomplished other dance disciplines such as Ballet, Bollywood, Salsa, Contemporary, Street and Break dancing and have performed at many notable locations such as: Saddlers Wells, The Place, The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Parade, Logon Hall, The Queen’s Theatre, The South Bank and at various events throughout the UK and Europe. 


She was an active member of the hip hop and break dancing team whilst at Bangor University. The team took part in an annual dance competition in Edinburgh whereby the team won the judges’ award for creative choreography and performance. Whilst in Wales, she was elected to be the Vice-Captain for the university’s dance team. Veena also taught Bharatanatyam and Street dance classes for the University as well as Street dance for a Dance School in North Wales and a Theatre School in Essex throughout that year. Amidst teaching that year she competed in dance competitions in Edinburgh and the International Dance World championships in Barcelona whereby the Street/ Bharatanatyam fusion dance that she choreographed and performed with a group of students placed 2nd for unique and creative choreography. In the summer of 2010, she also spent some time at a summer camp in Cyprus carrying out the role of an activity leader including teaching Street and Break dance. 


In 2012, Veena was selected to perform as a Street dancer in the “Thanks Tim” section of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. 


Since 2012, Veena has been involved in teaching classes for dance schools in London as well as holding private dance classes for weddings, teaching private children’s and adult classes in both Indian Classical and Street Dance and undertaking dance projects from Akademi and Camden Council. In addition to this, she has been asked to perform for leading London Universities and at charity events as a solo artist.

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